SAT/ACT Test Prep (Language/Writing Portion)

“I don’t know what’s required of that part of the test at all.”

You probably know that there are online study guides for the SAT and ACT tests, so we’ll go over that information with you to make sure you understand what each part is about.

“I’ve been doing practice tests, and in the multiple choice section, I get the answers wrong.”

We’ll go over the practice questions with you and make sure you understand the question prompts. We’ll also explain what makes answers correct. We’ll also help you understand any rules you may not be familiar with.

“I do OK on the multiple choice questions, but I don’t know what they’re asking of me in the essay prompts.”

We’ll work with you to understand how to look at an essay prompt in order to write an appropriate response.

“I understand what they want in the essay prompts, but I don’t know if I’m doing what they want—or doing it well enough.”

We’ll have you write practice essays, which we will then evaluate with you so you can see where you can improve. We’ll also give you strategies for writing under time pressure.

“I feel like I should take the written portion of the SAT/ACT, but I’m not sure I can do well enough on it.”

The first step, of course, is to find out whether the colleges you’re interested in require the written portion of the test. (Not all schools do.) We’ll discuss the pros and cons of doing the essay portion even if it isn’t required–and we’ll go over online sample essays to help you see why they are successful so you can use them as a model for your own excellent essay.