Reading Problems

“I have to read something a lot of times to really get it.”

Rereading is actually great–but we don’t always have time for it. But it is important to understand what something is really talking about the first time; sometimes we have an assumption that leads us astray, or we miss important connections. We’ll work with you on strategies for effective reading to improve your reading comprehension.

“I feel like I can’t see past the surface and everyone else can.”

First, don’t judge yourself against others. But if you feel you’re missing something when you read, you may be right. The good news is we know strategies for effective reading, and we’re happy to share them with you. You still have to do the work–reading takes time–but we can help that time be more productive in terms of what you get out of the reading.

“I read too slowly.”

It can feel frustrating when required reading takes longer than you think it “should.” Of course, people read at different speeds, but what’s most important is that you read well, not that you read quickly. We’ll help you understand why you read at the pace you do, and if there are ways to help you read more quickly while still reading effectively, we’ll work with you to find them.

“I read it, get it–and forget it. What I’ve read doesn’t ‘stick.'”

Absorbing a lot of information takes practice, and there are specific “active reading” practices we can share with you to help you retain more of what you read.