Creative Writing

“I don’t know whether my creative writing is any good.”

We’ll read and evaluate your writing on a purely technical level, but we will also discuss your purpose and audience with you: whether you want to publish, where you might want to publish, and what your aims are in getting your work published. The criteria for creative writing are very subjective, but we will give you our honest (but kind) appraisal of the quality of your work.

“I am happy with my ideas, but I have problems with grammar, spelling, punctuation.”

We’ll help you learn to recognize and correct your own most common sentence-level errors. We can also discuss whether you might want to hire a professional editor–and what you can expect in terms of what an editor will do, as well as the expense of using one.

“I have good ideas but I can’t develop them fully.”

We’ll give you exercises and suggestions to help you explore your own creativity so you can turn your ideas into the kind of writing you want to produce.