Advancing Honors/AP Skills

You’re a good writer. You love to write. You love to read, and you read with intelligence and clear perception.

And you want to be even better.

That’s why tutoring may be just the thing for you. Tutoring isn’t just for the people who struggle; it’s a way to improve anyone’s skills.

You know how it goes: you’re the best student in the class, so you aren’t challenged, because the teacher has to teach to the middle–or even focus on the students who are furthest behind.

Or you’re in an Honors or AP class, but because the expectation is that all the students in the class are excellent, again, you’re not challenged: you know you’ll get the great grades, but … you want more.

Or maybe you’re in an Honors or AP class, and you’re lucky enough to have an instructor who presents you with a serious challenge–and you could use a little support to meet that challenge and surpass your instructor’s expectations.

We do that, too. We’ll meet you where you are, and then we’ll guide and mentor you to even higher achievements. It’s a collaboration: you’re involved in determining what you need and how you want things to look, and we help you get there, through friendly but rigorous individualized attention.