Tutoring during the pandemic

We are mindful of the need to stay safe and healthy during the ongoing pandemic. It is important to us to ensure that both our students and our tutors feel as comfortable as possible in these difficult times. Therefore, we have begun offering online tutoring (through Google Hangouts or Zoom). We also are still willing to offer face to face sessions in either the student’s or the tutor’s home, with the following requirements:

Both tutor and student must wear a mask that fully covers nose and mouth throughout the session. In addition, six feet of distance must be maintained between student and tutor (and anyone else in the room). Materials that must be shared (such as student work) will be touched as little as possible. It’s highly recommended that both student and tutor thoroughly wash hands after the session.

We understand that wearing masks is uncomfortable, and that the combination of masks and distance can make it difficult for us to hear and understand each other–but we would rather be more cautious than is necessary than to inadvertently transmit the virus to anyone who might become seriously ill.

Thank you for understanding.